Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Midwinter & The General's Birthday

"If February give much snow
A fine Summer it doth foreshow."

The winter is half done, and despite what the wild creatures foretell, with their thick coats and tails, and the doubtful viewing of their shadows in the dawn hour, spring shall follow in less than four fortnights' time.

This month, General Washington shall observe the anniversary of his birth. In the year of his birth, England and her colonies still employed the Julian calendar, and the anniversary then fell upon February 11. In 1752, England converted to the Gregorian calendar, and the date converted to February 22.

This year, we shall celebrate the day 'twixt old and new calendars -- on Monday, February 15. Colonial Revelers cordially bids you to join us at the visitor center at Valley Forge National Historical Park on that day, for song and a slice of Mrs. Washington's famed Great Cake.

Children may engage in crafts and learn colonial dances, and the General himself will be present to lead young troops in marching and maneuvering.

The revelry shall begin at 10 in the morning and proceed until 3 in the afternoon. You may learn more at


Click on the 15th.

Your humble servants,

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