Tuesday, January 25, 2011

'Tis Washington's Health!

Join Colonial Revelers
in a celebration of the General's Birthday!

Where: Valley Forge National Historical Park
            Welcome Center
WhenMonday, February 21 - 11 am to 3 pm

Valley Forge National Historical Park will present special programs all weekend, beginning Saturday, February 19 at 8 am.  This will be the 99th year that the Boy Scouts of America will camp at the park.  Other events include artillery, rifle, musket and medical demonstrations, programs on camp life, African-American regiments and contributions by the Oneida Indian Nation to the cause of Independence.

On Monday, the 21st, visitors will be able to meet the General and his wife at the Welcome Center, listen to music by the Colonial Revelers, and participate in children's activities.  Martha Washington's original recipe Great Cake will be served.  For more information, go to the park's event page.

Many songs were written about General Washington during the Revolution.  Here is one of Colonial Revelers' favorites, penned by Francis Hopkinson (signer of the Declaration of Independence), and first published April 8, 1778 in the Pennsylvania Packet.

A Toast

'Tis Washington's Health, fill a bumper around,
For he is our glory and pride;
Our arms shall in battle with conquest be crowned
Whilst virtue and he's on our side.

'Tis Washington's health, loud cannons should roar
And trumpets the truth should proclaim;
There cannot be found, search all the world o'er,
His equal in virtue and fame.

'Tis Washington's health, our hero to bless,
May heaven look graciously down;
Oh! long may he live, our hearts to possess,
And Freedom still call him her own.

This song can be heard on our first CD:  REVELRY, REFLECTION & REVOLUTION .

Your humble servants,

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